Innovating pet market

Animalya is a mobile application developed by pet lovers for animals and owners. We aim to provide an accessible platform that will turn problems into real solutions, both for individual use and business alike.

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Introducing Animalya

After some research, in this field, we came up with Animalya and we build it with some amazing features for everyone to be able use it, at its full potential.

Application features

Beautiful design and intuitive functionalities that you can rarely find in such a complex mobile app. Do not take what we say for granted, just go you GooglePlay and install the app, to convince for yourself.

Let us know what you think!

Personalize your experience 

You can create profiles, for you and your pet. Once you did that, we offer you the possibility to create listing for your animal or we can give you the option to search for a special friend. We also have one amazing feature, where you can find a mating friend for your pet.

Core features

What we love about this app

Different functions for each type of user. Functionalities for everyone needs.

The option to connect with your social networks accounts.

Each user will have the possibility to create profile, both for him and his pets.

Logical interface with easy to use and understand functionalities.

Ask us everything and you will get the best answers.

The users will be able to search a in they’re near location for pets.

Official website –