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We’re Royal Media Ltd.,
a creative agency located in New York
and with clients all over the world.

Royal Media Ltd. is a technology solutions company with a mission to provide high-quality technology and outsourcing services that provide a substantial competitive advantage to our clients.

We’re nothing if not passionate about what we do. And at the center of that is a culture that celebrates our diversity and brings together thinkers that worked for clients from all over the world, but also for many types of businesses.

Our team of specialists in global marketing and technological solutions is able to deliver forward-thinking ideas that will help any business in a meaningful way by building stronger brands, increasing visibility, generating leads, improving workflow and driving results.

You can find us in New York, 5th Avenue Str. no. 7, but also we have offices and partners in countries like Germany, Israel and Romania.


Our Team

We started more than eight years ago, with a team of young students and a big dream. So far, we manage to live it.

Along the way, we have become masters at overcoming marketing obstacles and at implementing solutions that we can as easily share with and replicate for you.

We subscribe to the business principle that you cannot improve what you cannot track. The foundation of our service lies in effective and thorough analytics and reporting. We are a data-driven service in an information-saturated world, and this is why we are good at what we do.

We are experts in providing you with: Custom Software Solutions. Mobile Apps, Web Platforms, Graphic Design, Marketing & Advertising Solutions, Content Management, SEO and Business Strategies when requested.

Our aim is to help entrepreneurs, businesses, and even corporations take their online marketing

From the beginning, Royal Media’s culture has been grounded in and guided by people who are ambitious, humble and smart. Those qualities ladder up to what we think is our central pillars:

Live, Learn, Innovate, Enjoy.

About Royal Media Ltd.


We specialize in connecting data and storytelling to help make brands more profitable, shareable, and valuable. From day one, our goal as a digital agency has always been to secure an excellent return on your investment. Check out the success we’ve achieved for our clients—causing a stir has never looked better.


We’re the wheels turning behind the web. Royal Media Ltd. is more than a digital agency — we’re a trusted partner and collaborator. We build results-oriented solutions or digital strategies and continually refine our services for optimal outcome.

It’s all about embracing your brand’s vision—and our top creative minds make it happen, with a boutique digital agency approach.


Our world gets reinvented every day. Artificial intelligence, metadata, machine learning, consumerization, personalized technology: These and other trends promise to transform society and our individual lives.

We urge you to stay in front of your competition with our vision.

01. Advertising Campaign Development and Management

The web is fiercely competitive and there’s a lot of noise making it difficult to get noticed. Our digital and content marketing campaigns are all about creating quality content users love interacting with it. If users love it, they’ll share it and link to it – giving your brand brilliant exposure and ranking you highly on search engines.

We have a team of strategic thinkers who understand how brands can be successful online. From launching a new brand or products to maximizing sales opportunities we have the experience to make you thrive online. A creative digital strategy combined with a carefully executed plan, based on your goals and objectives, will allow your brand to maximize the business benefits of digital.

02. Branding Campaign Design, Development and Management

Developing a successful digital strategy starts with research. From understanding your market and competitors and by looking at data from your existing analytics we’re able to get a thorough understanding of your current performance and make recommendations on how to get the most from digital.

Giving your customers what they want is the key to success. We carry out user research to get a perfect understanding of who your customers are and how to target them. We create user personas that replicate your real life clients and analyze their online behavior and goals. We use personas and user journeys to make the process so efficient that they love the experience of using your digital applications.

03. Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO, or search engine optimization, incorporates a range of on-site and off-site activity to drive more business leads from search engines. We build and plan the best strategy to help your website rank high on Google using competitor analysis, detailed link research and creation and curation of quality content (also known as content marketing).

The SEO process combines both technical and creative processes to drive relevant visitors to your website. Through a bespoke combination of SEO techniques appropriate to your business type, we guarantee a rise in Google rankings that has seen our clients go to the first page of Google within a matter of weeks.

Given that around 80% of users never venture off the first page when searching on Google, being at the top really counts.

04. Web Design & Development

Like every business, every website has a different purpose and objective. That’s why every project we work on is bespoke and starts with careful planning to find out how you can achieve the best digital strategy for your business.

As one of the fastest growing web design and development companies in the region and with hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world, we have the knowledge and expertise to make something wonderful that actually represents your brand and fulfills your client’s needs. We’re the only company to have exposure, making content management an absolute dream – it needs to be seen to be believed.


Copyright & Social Networking Management

The key to any application or website is not just about the look and design, it’s also about your site’s content and every business with a website should have a clearly defined content strategy. Brilliant content is about conveying a clear and concise message that also reflects the spirit and values of your business.

If customers can relate to you through the written word, before they even pick up the phone or visit you, then the battle is already won.


Mobile App Design & Development

By 2016 more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs, so making sure you’re prepared for your users that browse and buy on mobile, tablets and other devices should be part of your digital and marketing strategy.

The rise in mobile internet usage has changed the way users interact with websites and global brands are already leading the way in which they provide services to their customers with perfect UX and flawless design.

Our Main Clients

Our work is important for us also, and this are the clients that trusted us over the years.