Surprise your clients with our creativity!

We’re Royal Media Ltd., a creative digital agency located in Bucharest and with clients all over the world.

Everything starts with an innovative and enlightened view of each business and understanding the target audience.


Web Development

We’ve entered a new generation of interactive web experiences, with a transformational user experiences that extend across a brand’s entire digital ecosystem.

Unlimited Options
Our unique approach provides exceptional customer experiences. We enable brands to connect deeply with users. We apply methodologies including bench-marking, journey mapping and usability testing to gain important insights for exceptional customer experiences.
Modern Design
Our multidisciplinary teams use collaboration to identify and execute innovative, reliable digital experiences. From concept to actualization, our streamlined process provides tailored solutions through unique web experiences that empower brands to evolve.

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Marketing & Advertising

We conduct a full spectrum of digital marketing research, using both publicly available tools and our own proprietary toolkit to generate data.

Unique Strategies
We believe in the power of content to increase engagement and deepen loyal customer relationships. Our strategists, creatives and researchers work collaboratively to define platform-specific marketing strategies, identify goals and uncover meaningful insights.
Perfect Solutions
The explosion of digital technologies over the past decade has led to an empowered consumer. People discover brands and formulate opinions across multiple channels, so an integrated marketing strategy that considers every touchpoint must be established.

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Mobile Applications

Our mobile development services are accompanied by a whole set of product capabilities needed to create a strong mobile app, from strategy, to UX design, mobile testing, up to market launch.

Unlimited Functionalities
We love being on the cutting edge. From Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift VR betas, to pushing the limits of our Apple Watches, we’re always curious about what’s around the corner and how we might be able to leverage it to your benefit.
Perfect Design
From CSS to databases, frontend to backend, ui/ux experience to easy-to-use functionalities, we have every area covered. Don’t worry about juggling multiple teams to bring your project to life, we’ve got the team and expertise to get it all done under one roof.

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Custom Solutions

Custom software development is becoming more and more popular, not only for cost-benefit purposes, but in producing valuable, business-aligned solutions that make a true impact in the business.

Unlimited Options
Royal Media Ltd. combines software development and process improvement to provide solutions for your business and stays with you for the long-haul, helping you to manage change and achieve success.
Logic Interface
We work with the latest technologies and the best tools and have access to the latest training resources, to help clients integrate the platforms and customized services into complicated back-end systems.

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Unique Solutions

Using agile technology and smart design we close the gap between brands, their products and the people who enjoy them. We believe today’s leading technology and innovative creative is the fastest way to get there.


Visionary Strategies

Our visionary clients partner with us because of our deep understanding of the essential role of visual identity and digital in business. We are innovators and we are driven by emerging technology and human behavior. 


Futuristic Thinking

We don’t just present a product; we focus relentlessly on user needs and behavior to drive action. Exceptional user experiences, integrated with technology, create incredible value for customers and drive business growth.



We’ve worked at least 5 years, with any of the companies listed in this section.